The World Trenchless Day 2022

Thursday 22 September 2022

The fourth Thursday in September is World Trenchless Day, a day to shine a spotlight on the benefits that trenchless technology offers to infrastructure projects.

Trenchless methods are a safer, more efficient, more durable and more environmentally friendly way to install pipelines and cables than open cuts.

Accurate measurements of the drill head’s position are key to getting the project done smoothly. Brownline offers the highest accuracy measurement tool: our Drillguide Gyro Steering Technology. It shows the position of the drill head in real-time. And our GST is not affected by any external influences. That means problem-free drilling under highways, railways, power lines and any other obstacles, and with unlimited drill lengths.

By relying on industry-leading accuracy in pitch and azimuth measurements, Brownline’s tools push the boundaries of what trenchless technology is capable of.

Our in-house development team creates solutions to the challenges facing the trenchless construction industry, which has resulted in our drilling add-on tools:

  • Radar Intersect: allowing intersect drills to meet in the middle perfectly
  • GPS track: extra verification and the most accurate punch-out
  • UXOscope: detecting unexploded bombs during drilling

We continue to develop smart innovations like these to serve the HDD industry.

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