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We perform drills across the world with both national and international drilling contractors.

Through our track record, we have developed tools that meet all the most stringent accuracy requirements.

Our systems are used under all conditions, from the hard granite fjords of the cold North to the deserts of Dubai.

Our steering service is The solution for your projects.


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Preparation of a new solar park’s grid connection

In the Dutch province of Groningen, there are various initiatives underway for the construction of solar parks. In preparation...

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Getting up to date results, even with a vintage drill rig!

For our recent drill job in Toledo, Ohio, we took a step back in time! In cooperation with contractor South East Directional,...

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Record-breaking drill job in Canada!

Last summer we already gave a little sneak peek about our involvement in a special project near the beautiful Niagara...

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District heating for Scandinavia's tallest skyscraper

Hard work is underway in the Swedish city of Gothenburg on the construction of the tallest skyscraper in all of Scandinavia....

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Drilling for the expansion of a natural gas pipeline system in the USA

The Gulf Coast Southbound natural gas pipeline system in the USA is undergoing phase two of its expansion project to increase...

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Four drill jobs for the European fuel pipeline network

A pipeline system for the supply of aviation fuel to various national and international airports runs right through the...

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