Welcome to Brownline

Welcome to Brownline

The most advanced steering tool in the world

Completed projects around the world


We perform drills across the world with both national and international drilling contractors.

Through our track record, we have developed tools that meet all the most stringent accuracy requirements.

Our systems are used under all conditions, from the hard granite fjords of the cold North to the deserts of Dubai.

Our steering service is The solution for your projects.

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Recent projects

Two HDD outfalls for offshore wind energy near Cape Cod

In the winter of 2021-2022, Brownline USA surveyed two pilot bores for HDD outfalls in Barnstable, Massachusetts. On the...

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Drilling to expand the power grid in Friesland

In 2022, Brownline was involved in the construction of a long cable connection in the Dutch province of Friesland. Between...

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Two shore approaches in Lake Ontario

In July 2023, Brownline USA contributed to the completion of an underwater cable connection in Lake Ontario. Two shore...

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Long parallel crossings under many obstacles in Rijswijk

In June 2023, Brownline contributed to the completion of two parallel crossings in Rijswijk. To install heat pipelines,...

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Three precise river crossings in Innsbruck

In March and April 2023, Brownline surveyed three HDD crossings in Innsbruck, Austria. With the Alps in the background,...

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2-kilometer HDD outfall on Trinidad

In the fall of 2022, Brownline USA helped complete a very long HDD outfall on the island of Trinidad. For the replacement...

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