Safe drilling with bomb detection

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Brownline has developed a bomb detection system that is integrated with our Gyro steering tool. With these tools customers can perform drills in high risk areas containing unexploded bombs, so-called unexploded ordnance. 

How it works

Our add-on, the UXOscope, scans the environment of the drill head for explosives whilst drilling. Our surveyor and a certified specialist from Van den Herik work together to assist our clients with such high risk drills.

When an unexploded ordnance is detected by the UXOscope, the specialist will make an assessment of the threat and advise the client next steps.

Safe drilling in high risk areas

Our services are currently prescribed by authorities in case drills are to be carried out in high risk areas. With UXOscope, drilling contractors can safely realize their drills, securing a cleared diameter of 10 ft around the pilot hole. In this fashion, all activities can be carried out in a secure and safe way. Above and below ground activities can continue as usual, thereby not affecting any other activities/structures. 

UXOscope makes the previously impossible, possible.

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