Radar Intersect

Radar Intersect

The tool for intersection drills

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There is a trend in the market towards longer and more complex drills. In addition, there are increasingly narrower allowances for the entry and exit point locations. To meet these demands, Brownline has developed the Radar Intersect system which acts as an add-on module on the Gyro steering tool

How it works

Our Radar Intersect systems are modules which can be added to our Gyro steering system. In the Radar Intersect setup, two rigs drill towards each other meeting in the middle.

When the drill heads are in proximity, the Radar systems communicate with each other to accurately determine the position relative to each other. With this positional information, a quick and seamless connection can be made between the two bore holes.

Enabling long, precise drills

Our Radar system allows the drilling of very long bore holes for our customers. The add-on has been used for instance to facilitate drills up to 15000 ft in length. The lower annular pressure of this setup prevents the chances of damage to foundations and other structures above or below ground.

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