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A customized service

The track record with our Gyro steering tool and add-on modules spans in excess of 20,000 completed drills. Each project has its own story and its own hurdles that needed to be negotiated. Our reliable and unique service offering was a big driver in the completion of each of these projects. 

2-kilometer HDD outfall on Trinidad

In the fall of 2022, Brownline USA helped complete a very long HDD outfall on the island of Trinidad. For the replacement...

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Tropical shore approach at Jaconé beach, Brazil.

The Rota 3 gas pipe line is part of a big project set out by a large oil and gas provider in Brazil. For this project,...

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Colombian Wetlands Drill

From February 2019 until the end of April 2019 Brownline USA’s team completed a 11,142ft (3,396m) long intersect...

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