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A customized service

The track record with our Gyro steering tool and add-on modules spans in excess of 20,000 completed drills. Each project has its own story and its own hurdles that needed to be negotiated. Our reliable and unique service offering was a big driver in the completion of each of these projects. 

Complex HDD intersect under a town center

In February 2024, Brownline surveyed an HDD crossing in the Dutch town of Markelo. Our client Holland Drilling carried...

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Accurate drilling under a busy canal in Venice

In June 2023, Brownline surveyed an HDD crossing in Venice of nearly 900 m / 3000 ft. Using an outfall drilling, a water...

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Crossing the busiest canal in the world without interference

In January 2024, Brownline surveyed a crossing of nearly 400 m / 1300 ft under the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal for our client...

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Four HDD crossings for undergrounding of 150 kV lines

In September 2023, Brownline contributed to four directional drillings in Breda. Here, an overhead powerline above the...

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Very long HDD outfall into the North Sea

In January 2023, Brownline contributed to a special project: installing an optic fibre connection between the United Kingdom...

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Drilling to expand the power grid in Friesland

In 2022, Brownline was involved in the construction of a long cable connection in the Dutch province of Friesland. Between...

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