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A customized service

The track record with our Gyro steering tool and add-on modules spans in excess of 16,000 completed drills. Each project has its own story and its own hurdles that needed to be negotiated. Our reliable and unique service offering was a big driver in the completion of each of these projects. 

Natural gas pipeline renewal in Kokomo, Indiana

The gas pipeline system in in the northern part of Indiana is being renovated and upgraded where necessary. This 2.5-year...

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Expansion of the power grid in Gorinchem

Gorinchem is a city located in the middle of The Netherlands, with an old city center with intact city wall and a number...

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Preparing Møn for a green future with Drillguide GST

The picturesque island of Møn in Denmark depends on a 60 year old submarine cable for its power supply. The local...

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Drilling for more power in North-Holland

When it comes to living, working and transportation, the county Haarlemmermeer in the Dutch province North-Holland is...

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Intersect drill for pipeline network expansion

The Baymark pipeline is an addition to the growing ethylene pipeline and logistics system in South Texas. For the construction...

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Drilling for the natural gas connection between Denmark and Poland

The Baltic Pipe is a gas pipeline with a total planned length of 900 kilometers that runs through 3 countries and crosses...

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