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Innovation, precision and reliability. That is what we provide. That is who we are. 

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Founded in 1994, Brownline is built upon the creation of innovative solutions for the drilling industry. Through our efforts we aim to develop tools that are reliable, precise and easy-to-use. These are necessary to navigate the increasingly complex underground terrain.

Our company

Our innovative and persistent spirit has lead us to develop Drillguide. This is a highly accurate steering service that has since its launch become a household name across the world. Our people and the gained experience of 30 years are the key to our success.

"Brownline provides you the means to drill in new ways, successfully"

Our people are solution-driven and have a no-nonsense attitude to reaching your goals. With our service you will work with people with knowledge and experience from the field. Together with our tools, we provide you a one-stop-shop to realize your desired drills to spec.

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Our steering service has been used by customers to realize projects such as:

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About us

Our service

We provide advice on the envisaged drill tracks beforehand. Whilst drilling, we track the position of the drill head closely and in real-time. Our surveyor on-site ensures professional guidance during the entire drilling process. In other words: the drilling crew perform the drilling work; we provide the means and the guidance to realize the project in the desired fashion.

The steering service includes:

  • Professional support
  • High-tech steering tools
  • Clear and concise reporting

We have been providing this service for many years across the world. Our service is now prescribed as a requirement by several blue-chip project commissioners for the realization of directional drilling projects. 

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