4 parallel drills for network platform Dolwin 6

Brownline recently surveyed a series of directional drills for networkplatform 'Dolwin6'. Two sets of parallel drills with a distance of around 3608ft where made from the main land and 2 of the Norderney isle. The drill trajectory would cross a dune area and breeding ground for many bird species and has since several years been part of UNESCO world heritage. These drills where part of a larger cable installation project which in total spans 56 miles (28 miles on the main land and 28 miles off-shore). The windmill park with a capacity of 900 megawatts is envisaged to be operational around 2023.

Complicating factors

-          Zero tolerance for mud blowouts

-          Environmental restrictions

-          Full time control

Centimeter-precise punch-out

Our Gyro Steering Tool (GST) was combined with GPS track, a new tool that provides Inch-precise punch-outs, even for long drills. The surface unit was put at 656 ft and 328 ft from the exit point along the drill track. De pilot drills has been a success due do the deployment of the Drillguide GST and the GPS Track.


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