Deep river crossing for oil & gas pipeline in Fort Mackay, Canada

In the oil-rich Alberta province, a new oil and gas pipeline needed to be installed across a river. Due to geological considerations, a drill of 442 Foot deep was planned. The depth of the drill and the fact that a river needed to be crossed required the use of our Gyro steering tool.

Complicating factors

  • The drills would be 7119 ft long and 442 ft deep
  • Strict allowances for pipeline radius

No ordinary river crossing

Our Gyro steering tools (GST) were deployed by the drilling contractor, together with our Radar Intersect modules. Two rigs drilled the length of the drill path from either end to meet in the middle. Our Radar Intersect system ensured alignment of the drill heads and a smooth transition between the two separate drill holes.

Our GST in combination with our Radar Intersect add-on tool enabled the client to realize this project.

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