100 Radar intersects completed in the USA

Thursday 15 July 2021

We are very proud of our colleagues in the USA for having reached this milestone. Completing 100 Radar intersects all over the country is something worth celebrating!

  • 1st Radar intersect: completed on 11/13/2013 / 6,200 ft. / in Missouri
  • 100th Radar intersect: completed on 5/29/2021 / 4,118 ft. / in Texas
  • Total footage of all 100 radar interests: 618,322
  • Located across 22 different states within the USA
  • Radar Intersects completed for over 20 different contractors and 40 different project owners
  • Longest Radar Intersect: 12,770 ft. in California

On to many more Radar intersects in the future!

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