Connecting high voltage power stations with six bores

In February and March 2022, Brownline has made it possible to connect two high voltage power stations in the Dutch province of North Holland. Commissioned by grid operator TenneT, contractor Heijmans is installing a 150 kV cable connection, spanning an impressive 8,8 miles!

The two high voltage power stations Oterleek and De Weel, situated respectively south and north of the city of Heerhugowaard, will be connected through this cable. This long distance through the Dutch polder is completed partly in trenches and partly through directional drilling.

To steer these bores to the utmost precision, Brownline’s Gyro Steering Tool was used six times. The bores had a total length of over 8200 feet. On the longest of these bores (2746 feet), Brownline’s GPS Track was used for additional verification that the trajectory was drilled exactly as planned.

Installing this cable is crucial to meet the increasing demand for electricity in this area. In addition, more and more wind turbines and solar panels need to be connected to the power grid. Brownline has contributed to the expansion of the North Holland power grid before. The high voltage cable is expected to be put into service by the end of 2022.

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