Drilling for more power in North Holland

In November 2021, Brownline completed the first of a total of seven parallel bores in the province North Holland. This project revolves around the conversion and expansion of a 10/20KV transformer substation in the Wieringermeer area, where we are commissioned by Holland Drilling to survey fourteen bores.

The energy network is overloaded in several Dutch regions, including the northern part of the province North Holland. This means that new connections to end user cannot be made. With the realization of this project, it will be possible again to connect new clients in this area. Another benefit of the project is that the electricity generated by solar parks can be supplied back to the grid again as well.

This first parallel bore, consisting of one bore of 1177 feet and one of 1200 feet long, has been laid out parallel to a road, at a depth of 36 feet. The trajectory has an S-curve, just as the road has. At the entry point, the two boreholes were situated at 39 feet from each other. This decreased considerably during the bore, to just under 16 feet at the exit point. In addition, underground surroundings were quite crowded already, with several other pipelines directly below or above the trajectory.

Both the S-curve in the trajectory and the various factors of external interference required the most unperturbed and accurate tool. These are the reasons that Brownline's Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool was chosen for this entire project. With extremely accurate results and without the influence of external interference, both bores were completed successfully and within the set schedule. The grid operator can continue working on a future-proof grid without any delay!

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