The Brownline Academy: where development never stops

Wednesday 9 November 2022

Since 2021, Brownline has developed the Brownline Academy. This Academy allows us to train both new and current employee, so that they can start work fully equipped.


At the core of the Academy are the courses that each focus on a different subject. Trainees will learn about the different parts of the job step-by-step: our company, our tools, and our self-developed software to monitor those tools. For specialized tools and services offered by Brownline, there are separate courses: Pressure While Drilling, GPS track, Radar, etc.

The Academy courses make up the theoretical part of the training. In the Netherlands, the United States and Canada, the Academy is currently used to quickly familiarize new employees with a basic understanding of a surveyor’s work. The courses are designed so that there is an entry level for everyone, so even without surveying experience you can get started at Brownline. At the end of every course, there is an examination, after which the new surveyor is ready to put the knowledge they gained into practice.



Field Training

To do so, the new surveyor will head out into the field under the supervision of an experienced colleague. This is the practical part of the training: the Field Training. By shadowing a colleague on different kinds of drill jobs, the Academy knowledge is brought into practice. The theory courses in the Academy are the base that makes it easier to understand what your responsibilities are when on the job.

Current employees can use the Academy to keep their knowledge up to date. The Academy will keep developing new courses, just like Brownline will keep developing new tools and innovations.



Knowledge base

The courses are complemented by the knowledge base. Here, the information from the courses can be found in an easy and structured manner, using a few search terms. The knowledge base is also where you find articles on all kinds of topics, such as:

  • specifications of our tools,
  • support pages about the best course of action when encountering a technical issue on the job,
  • practical information about where to find what at our HQ,
  • and much more! 






In conclusion, our surveyors are always equipped with the knowledge they need for each specific drill job. Would you like to work as a surveyor at Brownline? Have a look at our job opening and apply, and we will train you. See you soon!


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