Introducing our new add-on: Geosteering

Monday 27 November 2017

In Q4 of 2017, Brownline has launched a new add-on tool: Geosteering. This tool allows the analysis of formational layers whilst drilling.


This application is mostly used for geothermal project where it is important to know in which formation layer the drill head is embedded. The add-on tool is based on a gamma ray detector.

Additionally, the combination of our Gyro Steering Tool with Geosteering add-on is able to drill both fully vertically and fully horizontally. This development comes amid trends in the market of more geothermal energy projects and more sophisticated mining techniques. The information gathered by the embedded gamma ray sensor is used by geologists to evaluate which formation layer the drill head has drilled into. Our Geosteering tool provides precise vertical steering for drills at large depth with geophysical information regarding the formation layers.

Geothermal energy

We are seeing a big drive in geothermal well construction in Europe. As the economics of such wells can be profitable already at relatively low exit temperatures of water (30°C- 40°C), lots of parties are evaluating the use of such wells for energy needs.

Our GST in combination with our Geosteering add-on provides a powerful tool to drilling contractors, engineers and project commissioners for the construction of geothermal wells.  

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