Brownline sponsors the cycling students of Heart to Handle!

Thursday 8 July 2021

On Saturday July 4th, a group of 16 Dutch students departed for a cycling tour of no less than 2.750 kilometers. One half of the group cycles to Lisbon, the other half to Budapest. The goal of these two monstrously long cycling tours is to raise as much funding as possible for the research facility of the Amsterdam University Medical Center (AMC) and aid them in their research into preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Brownline is a proud sponsor of this wonderful initiative! More information can be found on! (website in Dutch)

The foundation:

Heart to Handle is a foundation set up by students in 2013. Every year a team of students takes on the sporting challenge of cycling 2750 kilometers to a location in Europe in 3.5 weeks. The goal of this cycling tour is to raise as much money as possible for research into cardiovascular diseases. The foundation now exists for seven years and Heart to Handle has become a household name in the student world.

The research that the two cycling teams support:

Every day millions of people unknowingly walk around with a ticking time bomb, as they have a genetic variation in the structure of the heart muscle. This means that an important protein (titin) in their hearts is not working properly. Previous research has shown that around 3 in 100 people suffer from this, which can cause them to suddenly develop heart failure. The research we are supporting this year, led by Dr. Pinto and Dr. Amin at the AMC, wants to track down this invisible 3% before it's too late.

Support Heart to Handle in the fight against cardiovascular diseases!

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