Brownline acquires SlimDril International

Monday 23 July 2018

Brownline acquires SlimDril International

Brownline has recently acquired SlimDril International Inc. Well known in the United States and Latin America, SlimDril International provides the proprietary Drillguide GST steering services to drilling contractors. SlimDril International Inc. will soon become known as Brownline USA.


With the acquisition of SlimDril International, Brownline will now span a broader geographic area and with the integration of the combined drilling knowledge will improve the service towards our customers. In total, the group executes in excess of 1,200 projects per year worldwide, drilling more than 425 km ( 1.395.353ft ).

The integration of our two companies will allow us to improve our steering service and to expand the operations in our current markets. We believe that the acquisition will see us achieve our mutual goals and improve availability and customer service,” said Hans de Bruin, CEO of Brownline.

We are continuing to expand our research and development department to focus on increasing our technology based product line.

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