Bomb detection ensures safe drilling at Schiphol

Wednesday 18 October 2017

Brownline has rendered services for drills that were realized around Schiphol international airport. Given that the area was subject to bombings in the past, our UXOscope, a bomb detection device, was required to realize this project. Our add-on tool provided safe passage and uninterrupted airplane service at Schiphol.

Schiphol airport drills

Brownline has deployed its UXOscope in multiple recent drills around Schiphol international airport to lay down pipelines for utilities and telecommunications.

The area around Schiphol was subject to bombings during World War II and there is a risk that there are still unexploded bombs harbored underground. The authorities have consequently listed the area as risky and special consideration needs to be taken in the preparation and execution of these drills.

Brownline's UXOscope, a bomb detection module integrated with our GST, allows the detection of bombs underground. Through this, we are able to alert rig operations in time of any nearby unexploded ordnance. This add-on ensures that drills can be realized in a secure fashion.

Our UXOscope provides the drilling contractor and project commissioner with a safe method to realize drills in high-risk areas. No upfront surveys are necessary to check for unexploded ordnance along the drill track. In addition, Schiphol service on the above runway could continue whilst drilling. 

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