Measurement while drilling (MWD)

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Measurement while drilling is a technique in directional drilling where measurements are performed continuously during the drilling operation. The rig operator receives real-time data that gets updated constantly. With this accurate data, you always know where the drill head is located. This makes it easy to correct in the direction of the planned drilling line, which is important for safe drilling in the increasingly complex underground infrastructure.

How does measurement while drilling work?

Drilling with measurement while drilling, also called logging while drilling, works as follows. An instrument is placed behind the drill head that continuously performs measurements. This underground obtained data is transmitted to a computer. By analyzing this data, the rig operator always knows exactly where the drill head is and how to make any necessary adjustments.

Measurement while drilling instruments can measure various variables, such as the depth of the drill head, the distance from the entry point, the direction in pitch and azimuth of the drill head, underground temperature and pressure, both in the borehole and within the drill rods. This data enables accurate underground drilling.

Measurement while drilling

Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool: the most accurate measurement while drilling tool

Brownline has developed the Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool: a leading measurement while drilling instrument that provides insight into all the variables mentioned above. The GST sends the measurements to our surveyor's computer via a cable connection. This data is then shared with the rig operator, who can view the data on a shared screen.

The interface that the rig operator sees is very user-friendly. With our in-house developed algorithms, the position and direction of the drill head is determined very accurately. With an accuracy of 0.01° in pitch and 0.04° in azimuth, our tool is the most accurate measurement while drilling tool in the world! In addition, with the Pressure-While-Drilling module in the GST, the rig operator also has accurate insight into the pressure measured in the borehole.

About Brownline

Brownline has been working on innovative solutions for the drilling industry since 1994. Our goal is to develop measurement equipment that is reliable, accurate and easy to use. This includes measurement while drilling tools for directional drilling. With our Gyro Steering Tool, we make navigation while drilling in the increasingly complex underground infrastructure more efficient and safer. We have already completed over 20,000 projects with our Gyro Steering Tool and add-on modules. Are you curious how our steering service can improve your drilling project? We would be happy to tell you all about it!

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