Intersect method with Radar Intersect

The tool for intersection drills!

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The intersect method is a drilling method that uses two drills, each at the far end of the bore path. By means of the intersect method, drilling is done from two sides towards each other. One of the biggest advantages of the intersect method is that you can double the maximum achievable drill length. This is also the reason why there is more and more demand for the intersect method.

Radar Intersect: intersect method drilling tool

The underground infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex. In addition, the demand for longer boreholes is also increasing. This is why we developed the Radar Intersect, an intersect method drilling tool. The Radar Intersect is a module add-on to the Gyro Steering Tool, the steering tool for determining the position while drilling. This happens real-time and is highly accurate. 

The Radar Intersect offers the possibility to drill from two sides towards each other with maximum accuracy. As soon as the two drills heads approach each other, the modules start to communicate with each other. As a result, a connection can be made very quickly between the two boreholes. This way, the intersect method makes long and complex drilling possible.

High precision solution

The Radar Intersect enables long-distance drilling with the highest accuracy for the entry point. In the video below, we'll explain the operation of the Radar Intersect while applying the intersect method. We have worked out an example where drills have been carried out over a length of 5 km.

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About Brownline

Since 1994, Brownline has been developing innovative solutions for the drilling industry. We are committed to creating measuring equipment that is reliable, accurate and easy to use. Thanks to our Gyro Steering Tool, combined with the intersect method tool Radar Intersect, we make drilling in the increasingly complex underground infrastructure safer and more efficient. And with success, as Brownline has already completed over 20,000 drilling projects. Are you wondering how our steering service can improve your drilling project? We would be happy to tell you!

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