Horizontal directional drilling

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Horizontal directional drilling is a trenchless technique used for the construction of underground infrastructure. At Brownline, we use our self-engineered Gyro Steering Tool for horizontal directional drilling. Discover the many benefits of this tool!


What is horizontal directional drilling?

Horizontal directional drilling, also called HDD, is a method that is used for trenchless drilling. Horizontal drilling is used for the placement of underground infrastructure. Such as:

  • water pipelines
  • telecommunication cables
  • electrical cables
  • gas pipelines
  • oil pipelines

Horizontal directional drilling

How does horizontal directional drilling work?

Horizontal directional drilling takes place in three stages:

  1. Pilot drilling: During the first phase, a drilling head that is hollow inside is pushed through the ground via a rig. Bentonite is poured into the hole from the surface. This is done to keep the borehole open. In addition, it immediately becomes possible to remove excess soil.

  2. Expanding the drilling hole: After the pilot drilling, the drill gets removed and replaced with a reamer. This reamer gets pulled back to widen the drilling hole. During this process, the reamer pulls a pipeline behind it that is provided with drilling fluid to prevent it from collapsing.

  3. Pulling the production pipe: In the final phase, the production pipe gets pulled. When the reamer has done its job, it then gets connected and replaced by the production pipe and a final reamer. Sometimes the pipeline is provided with a ballast pipe to absorb high pressure.

Horizontal directional drilling

Brownline's Gyro Steering Tool for HDD

A simple principle is used to control our directional drill process. An asymmetrical drill head is used in this process. This ensures that when the pipe rotates, the bore goes in a straight line. If the drill needs to change direction, we use our self-developed steering tool.

This innovative system is based on Gyro technology. Our Gyro Steering Tool makes it possible to determine the exact position of the drill. Furthermore, our system has more advantages to make horizontal directional drilling as efficient as possible:

1. Simple setup and steering

Within an hour of arrival at the drilling rig, we are ready to start the directional drilling process. Our system has been developed in such a way that there is no need for magnetic fields or beacons to determine the position. This saves preparation time.

2. Highly accurate

As we just indicated, our tool is very accurate. The accuracy of the tool is 0.01° in pitch and 0.04° in azimuth. At the same time, the tool is not affected by magnetic fields from for example railways and cables.

3. Modular

Because of our modular and state-of-the art design, it is possible to add specific add-ons to the drill, like GPS track and Radar Intersect. The modules offer a solution for every situation, that make drilling projects possible that were previously unthinkable.

See the video below for an example of a drilling project with our Gyro Steering Tool. 

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About Brownline

Before a drilling project, we give advice about the process. During the process, we closely monitor the position of the drill in real-time. Our on-site surveyor provides professional guidance throughout the drilling process. In short, our service contains professional guidance, high-tech steering tools and clear reporting.

We develop innovative solutions for the drilling industry since 1994. Our purpose is to develop measurement equipment that is reliable, accurate and easy to use. These tools are used under all conditions, from the hard granite fjords of the cold North to the deserts of Dubai. Our steering service is the solution for your drilling project!

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