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We perform drills across the world with both national and international drilling contractors.

Through our track record, we have developed tools that meet all the most stringent accuracy requirements.

Our systems are used under all conditions, from the hard granite fjords of the cold North to the deserts of Dubai.

Our steering service is The solution for your projects.


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Preparing a hundred-year-old hydroelectric power station for the future with Drillguide GST!

Brownline has recently surveyed a 281-meter long bore at a beautiful location, in the middle of the Austrian mountains....

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From short to long: 11 drillings in Baton Rouge

No job is too big or too small for the Drillguide Gyro Steering system! Brownline has been taking part in the expansion...

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Expansion of the drinking water supply in two Dutch provinces

Brownline was recently able to make a significant contribution to the expansion of the drinking water supply in the Dutch...

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Drilling for the improvement of the power and telecom network

Brownline recently surveyed a 330-meter long bore in the Belgian province of Hainaut. This drill job, commissioned by...

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Balanced results under any circumstances with Radar for Intersects!

In a project spanning a total of 3 months, Brownline completed three intersect bores crossing Lavaca Bay. This challenging...

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Preparation of a new solar park’s grid connection

In the Dutch province of Groningen, there are various initiatives underway for the construction of solar parks. In preparation...

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