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We perform drills across the world with both national and international drilling contractors.

Through our track record, we have developed tools that meet all the most stringent accuracy requirements.

Our systems are used under all conditions, from the hard granite fjords of the cold North to the deserts of Dubai.

Our steering service is The solution for your projects.


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Drilling for the natural gas connection between Denmark and Poland

The Baltic Pipe is a gas pipeline with a total planned length of 900 kilometers that runs through 3 countries and crosses...

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Drilling for the construction of high-speed fiber optic internet in rural areas

Internet through fiber optic cables is the future and that’s why it’s being installed at an increasing rate...

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Power grid expansion for the construction of a solar park

The Dutch provinces must achieve various climate objectives within the framework of the National Energy Agreement. In...

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Drilling for the modernization of the Danish rail network

In the south of Denmark, a lot of hard work is being done to modernize the rail network in preparation for a new tunnel...

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Electricity cables underground for housing and food forest

The Dutch ministry of Infrastructure and Environment has been working on increasing housing development in large outer...

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Brownline helps Vancouver Airport’s fuel project take flight

Vancouver International Airport is the second busiest airport in Canada and a major trans-Pacific hub. Over the last few...

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