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HDD boring is the solution when you want to drill underneath rivers, natural areas or roads. This drilling method enables underground drilling with minimal impact on the infrastructure above the ground. At Brownline, we make HDD boring even more accurate with our in-house developed Gyro Steering Tool. The highly accurate positioning makes the GST the most advanced steering tool in the world.

What is an HDD boring?

The abbreviation HDD stands for horizontal directional drilling. This is a trenchless drilling method that allows underground drilling without disturbing the infrastructure above the ground. Digging trenches is not necessary with HDD boring. As a result, the landscape is preserved, traffic does not experience disruption and there is less contaminated excavated soil.

Besides the low level of disturbance to the landscape above the ground, HDD boring has other advantages. For example, this drilling technique is characterized by its ability to perform long underground drilling trajectories of up to several kilometers. HDD boring also makes it possible to circumvent underground obstacles, such as sewer pipes, cables and other pipelines. And that's important as our underground infrastructure becomes increasingly crowded and complicated.

Brownline's Gyro Steering Tool for HDD boring

To perform HDD boring even more accurately, Brownline has developed a steering tool based on gyro technology: the Gyro Steering Tool. This tool determines the position of the drill head in real-time during drilling, which is called measurement-while-drilling (MWD).

The information about the position of the drill head is combined with the drilled distance to calculate the displacement of the drill head using our in-house developed algorithms. These insights are analyzed by a professional surveyor, who can adjust the drill head over the desired drilling path. Watch the video below for an example of a drilling project using our Gyro Steering Tool.

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The Gyro Steering Tool is the basis for our steering services. To complement this advanced tool, we have developed a number of add-on modules that enable HDD boring in various situations. For long and complex drilling, our Radar Intersect and GPS Track add-ons provide the solution. In addition, the UXOscope module allows HDD boring in high-risk areas with unexploded bombs.

With our Drillguide steering service, we enable safe drilling in the increasingly complex underground infrastructure. And with success, as Brownline has already completed over 20,000 drilling projects. Are you wondering how our steering service can help you with your HDD boring? We would be happy to tell you!

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