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Brownline has developed a downhole steering system based on gyro technology. The Gyro Steering Tool provides highly accurate navigational information of the drill head in real time. In doing so, it is not affected by any external influences. The steering tool is currently the most advanced steering tool available in the world!

How does the Gyro Steering Tool work?

The Gyro Steering Tool is the basis for our steering services. The tool is mounted behind the jetting assembly/mud motor. The downhole unit measures the position of the steering tool in real time ("measurement-whilst-drilling"). This information is combined with the drilled length to calculate the displacement through our proprietary algorithms. With this, the drill head can thereby be accurately steered over the envisaged bore path.

The most advanced steering tool in the world

Our innovative Gyro Steering Tool provides a proven accuracy of 0.01º in the pitch plane and 0.04º in the azimuth plane, irrespective of the circumstances. The Gyro Steering Tool is not dependent on magnetic fields or beacons, and hence has a much shorter setup time. This saves our customers time and resources. With our Gyro Steering Tool, drills are realised with the highest precision. See the video below for an example of a drilling project with our Gyro Steering Tool. 

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About Brownline

Before a drilling project, we give advice about the process. During the process, we closely monitor the position of the drill in real-time. Our on-site surveyor provides professional guidance throughout the drilling process. In short, our service contains professional guidance, high-tech steering tools and clear reporting.

At Brownline, we perform drills across the world with both national and international drilling contractors. Through our track record, we have developed tools that meet all the most stringent accuracy requirements for drilling. These tools are used under all conditions, from the hard granite fjords of the cold North to the deserts of Dubai. Our steering service is the solution for your drilling project!

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