West Link Project, Gothenburg, Sweden

Brownline is proud to have contributed to the expansion of Gothenburg’s railway infrastructure.

The aim of the West Link project is to expand and improve travelling by train to and from the Swedish city of Gothenburg. The construction of the railway tunnel and three brand new underground train stations will be a tremendous contribution to shortening the daily commute in and around the city.

Before the actual construction of the tunnel and railway stations can start, a major preparation has to take place. Part of this preparation is the relocation of existing and construction of all types and kinds of pipelines. Another part is the construction of various wells. Brownline has measured several drills to connect these wells to each other, with the deepest well having a record depth of 400 meters.

Whereas the entry points locations in the middle of the busy city were of big influence on these drills, the trajectory itself and the exit points locations provided an even bigger challenge. The holes through which the production pipes would be pulled were predrilled in the concrete well walls. This meant that there was no room at all for any deviation.

Thanks to Drillguide GST’s extreme precision the West Link project has moved another step closer to its completion. 


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