Water main under a busy intersection

In August 2022, Brownline has surveyed a drilling in Rouveen, in Overijssel. Contractor J. de Lange Vroomshoop installed a water main for water company Vitens under a busy intersection.

This water main was installed near motorway A28, under provincial road N377 (Nieuwe Dedemsvaartweg) and parallel to the Hermelenweg. The entry point for this 230 m / 755 ft bore was very close to the heavily trafficked intersection of the N377 and the Hermelenweg, where five lanes of traffic line up for the traffic lights. Past the provincial road, the drill had to cross under a small waterway as well.

A gyroscopic measurement tool is the best option for crossings such as this one. Because Brownline’s Drillguide GST is unaffected by the existing infrastructure of the intersection, the road was crossed without any interference issues.

On the second half of the bore path, a light S-curve was made to line up the water main parallel to the road. This subtle steering movement is made possible by the high accuracy of Drillguide GST. Our tool has the highest accuracy in pitch and azimuth. This is why the client can trust that the pipeline is installed exactly where it should be.

With this project, Drillguide GST once again proves its qualities: highly accurate and unaffected by external influences.

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