Waitemata Harbour

From late 2019 to early 2020, Brownline Australia has executed 3 drills below Waitemata Bay Harbour. These drills are part of the Northern Interceptor project; a wastewater management project set in Auckland and its surroundings.

When coming from the Pacific Ocean, Waitemata Harbour is the main access to Auckland. It is a multi-used bay, with busy shipping traffic as well as several fishing and swimming spots. The current sewer system uses the bay as an overflow basin for contaminated wastewater during heavy rainfall or storm. This contaminated water causes high risks for both man as well as environment. In order to improve the water quality and reduce pollution in and around Auckland, the Northern Interceptor project has been set up. The project consists of the construction of a giant wastewater pipeline and supporting pipelines to carry wastewater flows to a wastewater treatment plant.

Part of the Northern Interceptor project is the construction of 3 sewer pipelines crossing Waitemata Bay. Brownline Australia executed this project for HDI Lucas – Spiecapag. The drill paths for these pipelines run parallel of each other at a length of 1080 meter (3543 feet) each. All three drills were drilled under a horizontal curve of 46 degrees. Brownline Australia used the Drillguide GST in combination with the GPS Track. Our tool’s accuracy ensured all that all drills were performed successfully.

With these drills, Brownline Australia has been able to contribute to improving Auckland’s environment. The Northern Interceptor project is a prime example of how HDD can be used to help in protecting the environment and vulnerable areas.

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