Victoria Harbour crossing

Our Canadian operations are proud to have assisted in the completion of a 940m crossing under Victoria Harbour for a 42” Wastewater Treatment line.

When completed, the pipeline will connect the Clover Point and Macaulay Point pump stations and treat up to 108 megalitres of wastewater per day.

The engineered design called for very tight radius parameters due to product pipe specifications. Due to heavy marine traffic in the harbour including cruise ship and ferry terminals, no available access above the proposed trajectory was possible making this crossing ideal for the Gyro Steering Tool.

Annular Pressures were closely monitored to eliminate any potential environmental impacts of a possible fluid release into the harbour.

Once at the shore on the other side of the harbour, only 40m prior to exit, our GPS Tracker was used to confirm drill bit location. The entry and exit points were critical due to restricted available workspace and pre-engineered design of the McLoughlin Point Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Our confirmed location allowed us to punch out on exit point with confidence.

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