Two shore approaches in Lake Ontario

In July 2023, Brownline USA contributed to the completion of an underwater cable connection in Lake Ontario. Two shore approaches were drilled in order to connect a small island to the mainland, and Brownline provided steering services for these HDDs.

Stony Island is privately owned and used for recreational purposes. To supply the island with electricity, a new power cable was installed between the island and the mainland, on the bottom of the lake. HDD contractor Roemer Utility Services carried out two HDD shore approaches on either end of the connection. Brownline USA used the Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool to provide the client with the most accurate positional surveys as the drill progressed.

The HDD launched from the mainland was 425 m / 1393 ft long. After completion of this job, crew and materials were transported to the island to set up and drill into the lake again. This second drilling was a bit shorter at 321 m / 1052 ft.

Avoiding spills

Lake Ontario is a popular destination for recreational fishing. The islands in the lake are also home to many species of waterfowl. For these reasons, it was important to protect the water quality by minimizing the risk of inadvertent returns during drilling. The PWD (Pressure-While-Drilling) module inside the GST allowed for continuous monitoring of the downhole pressures, which helped to avoid hydrofractures.

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