Two creek crossings in Saskatchewan, Canada

The Canadian province Saskatchewan is known for its stretching prairies, thick forests and many lakes. But, this province is also home to a growing population, which means that the demand for natural gas is growing at equal pace. In January and February 2021, Brownline surveyed two creek crossings for the installation of a new gas pipeline.

The province of Saskatchewan has showed significant growth over the last decade, in population as well as in commerce and industry. This has increased the demand for natural gas, but the local production has been declining. In order to solve this issue, a new pipeline will be constructed that will be set up to connect resources from Alberta to Saskatchewan. The Many Islands Pipeline is a NPS pipeline for natural gas transmission of 30 kilometers in length. The pipeline’s trajectory runs from the existing meter station east of Cherry Grove in Alberta to the meter station located east of Beacon Hill, Saskatchewan. This project’s completion will allow for growing demand to be accommodated both now and in the future, from abundant sources located in the neighboring province of Alberta.

Brownline surveyed two creek crossings for this project, one of 493 meter and one of 1090 meter. Unconsolidated soil formations made for drilling within calculated annular pressure parameters challenging. This meant that real time annular pressure monitoring was crucial to the success of both drills. In doing so, the drills were completed successfully without inadvertent fluid releases to surface.

The construction of this pipeline was under the strict commitment of minimal impact to the surrounding landowners and Crownland lessees. Using the Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool in combination with GPS track allowed for no unnecessary activity outside of the entry and exit locations. The two crossings were completed successfully and seamlessly.

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