Six landfall drills in Sweden

When a city grows, its facilities should grow at an equal pace. The Swedisch city of Strömstad is a good example of this situation. For a planned expansion of the local wastewater network, Brownline surveyed six landfall drills in 2020, with a total length of more than 4.500 meters.

Strömstad is a city in the southwest of Sweden, close to the Norwegian border. The number of inhabitants of the city and its municipality has doubled over the last few years. Because of this growth, the city has decided to increase the wastewater network capacity. Part of this project are the construction of a new wastewater facility and 14,8 kilometer of new water lines. This last part of the project does not only serve to increase the network’s capacity, but also to reduce the number of required pump installations.

The new wastewater purification facility is located south of the city. All of its supply and drain pipes will run over the bottom of the bay at which Strömstad is situated, but the connections to the mainland will be made via landfalls. With two landfalls of almost 400 meters and 4 of over 900 meters in length, this project was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool’s versatility. All exit points were situated under water and a number of the drill trajectories contained a rather large free fall. Other factors that had to be kept in mind were the large variety in soil types, ranging from rocks to sand and clay, as well as the surrounding nature.

With the Drillguide GST, all landfalls were executed with extreme precision, minimal impact on the surroundings and within the set timeframe. The expansion of the wastewater purification installation can take place as planned, so that Strömstad is prepared for the future.

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