Short parallel drillings under “Gyroscope Road” in Amsterdam

In May 2022, Brownline surveyed two parallel drillings in the Amsterdam harbor area. Commissioned by grid operator Liander, civil engineering company Van Gelder is installing 50 kV high voltage cables. The two drillings of 136 m & 155 m / 446 ft & 508 ft started near a road intersection and exited parallel to a road leading by the harbor area.

By utilizing Brownline’s Gyro Steering Tool, the drill could cross under the road safely. Car traffic on the aptly named Gyroscoopweg (“Gyroscope Road”) could continue unhindered during this drilling. Because our GST is not affected by external interference, guiding a drilling is possible even in such an infrastructure-heavy area. Thus, the drill was steered with the highest accuracy.

During both drillings, the GPS Track add-on was used to carry out an extra verification before the exit point. In doing so, we could ensure that the approach towards the exit point was as accurate as could be. With all the surrounding infrastructure, this was certainly of utmost importance.

By involving Brownline’s expertise and quality in this project, the pilot drilling was carried out as efficient as possible, and the client could soon continue with the rest of their operations.

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