Seven drills for expansion of the power grid in the Dutch northeast

In the northeast of The Netherlands, hard work is being done on expanding and improving the power grid. For this project, among other things, the capacity of the grid will be increased, but also various high-voltage substations will be built. In this context, Brownline has surveyed seven drill jobs for drilling company Klever in June and July 2021.

In the Northern Province of Drenthe, more and more green energy is generated by means of solar and wind parks. To be able to process all this electricity, it is necessary to expand the capacity of the medium-voltage grid and the high-voltage grid, but also to build new high-voltage substations. These activities have been combined in a major expansion project, which is being carried out in the form of a collaboration between the national grid operator and local energy suppliers. A new high-voltage substation will be built near the city of Emmen, which must be connected to both existing and new connections. When completed, this high-voltage substation will improve the supply and processing of electricity throughout the region, allowing the energy transition to continue at full speed.

The seven drills that Brownline surveyed are for new connections between power consumers and -suppliers on the one hand and the new high-voltage station on the other. Four of the drills are around 300 meters in length, the other 3 around 430 meters. All drill jobs were carried out at a depth of 25 meters, whereby layers of peat, sand and clay had to be drilled. In addition, all trajectories contain a number of horizontal curves.

Due to the variation in soil circumstances and the trajectories set out, the choice for the Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool was quickly made. The same, very high level of accuracy was achieved with every drill, which meant that the drill jobs could not only be carried out precisely but also efficiently. This project, and with it the energy transition in the Northeast of the Netherlands, can be continued smoothly!

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