Safely replacing a natural gas pipeline in Vicksburg, Mississippi

When it comes to natural gas, safety is always the number one priority. In September 2021, Brownline contributed in helping a natural gas supplier with improving the safety of one of their pipelines. Contractor REM commissioned us to survey a 6,300 ft. intersect drill job for the replacement of a natural gas pipeline in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

This particular drill had to cross the Yazoo River, but also feeding streams and railroads. This meant multiple sources of external interference while drilling and the need for extremely precise results. The Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool combined with the Radar for Intersects was used to ensure a seamless completion of this project in a timely manner.

With a measured distance of over 6,300 ft. and multiple clay formations throughout the bore it was important to stay within tolerance, while also preserving the river water above the drill path. By monitoring annular pressure during this bore, we were able to ensure all requirements were met.

The replacement of this natural gas pipeline will help eliminate any potential safety issues that may arise due to the aging of the previous pipeline. This pipeline will be able to better serve the connecting cities and transport interstate natural gas supplies to end-use customers in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

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