Renewing the power network in Copenhagen

In recent years, the electricity network of the Danish capital Copenhagen has been subject to a major maintenance and renewal project. As part of this large-scale renovation, Brownline has surveyed an 833 meter long parallel drill in the middle of the city center in September 2020.

In 2016, the local power distribution company launched an ambitious plan to renovate Copenhagen's outdated electricity network in phases and, where necessary, renew it completely. The plan does not only includes maintenance, but also the relocation of above-ground medium and high voltage cables to underground and the expansion of existing substations to process green electricity generated by wind turbines. The aim of the project is to have the electricity network in and around the city ready for processing large volumes of green electricity by 2026 at the latest. In total, 700 kilometers of new 132-150KV cabling must be installed, to which Brownline has contributed with this drill job.

Naturally, none of these activities should affect the city's existing infrastructure. The extensive railway network in particular is a determining factor in this, because public transport within the city is used extensively by commuters and city residents. The trajectory of the two 833 meter parallel drills runs partly under the railway tracks. In addition, both the entry and exit are in busy streets, which meant that there was quite a bit of external interference. The distance between the two boreholes was 5 meters and because of the tight curves route there was absolutely no room for deviations.

By choosing the combination of our Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool and the GPS Track, both drills were executed accurately, without any deviation and completed within the set time. The city of Copenhagen can safely continue its preparations for a green future!

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