Record drill under Missouri river

Brownline has taken part in a US national record length drill of 13,247 foot (4.037 meter) in North Dakota. 

This drill is part of the installation of a 10 mile (16 kilometer) pipeline, connecting a compressor station with a natural gas gathering system in the Bakken shale oil fields in Williams County. Once completed, this project will not only be significant because of its length, but also for providing our customer with a delivery outlet for this largely untapped energy resource.

The path for this pipeline is located under the Lake Sakakawea Reservoir in the Missouri River. The combination of the location and length of this drill meant that a pilot-hole intersect with Brownline’s Gyro Steering Tool is the best solution for the project. Another contributing factor to the choice for Brownline was that the drilling had to be executed at 268 feet (81 meter) below the bottom of the Reservoir.

With the Gyro Steering Tool, disturbances to the environment were avoided and a successful, US record-breaking intersect was made!

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