Record-breaking drill job in Canada!

In collaboration with Michels Canada in 2021, we have broken the Canadian national record for the longest HDD bore by a whopping 1,345 meters!

This 3,540 meter long intersect drill job is part of a major renovation project, which consists of the step-by-step replacement of a 63 kilometer long pipeline network. This pipeline network is used to transport various products, including jet fuel for Toronto Pearson International Airport, as well as fuels such as diesel and gasoline for both businesses and consumers. The network extends from the Waterdown pump station in Hamilton to a large storage facility in Toronto’s North York area. To keep the users of these products moving and to guarantee safe delivery, it is very important that proactive maintenance is carried out.

Brownline's expertise in very long and hard-to-reach drill jobs was instrumental in this record-breaking bore. The winding trajectory of the pipeline to be replaced is located directly under a large golf course. This location ruled out above-ground access, and it was especially vital to prevent mud outbreaks. In addition, the mixed bottom consisting of hard rocks and soft soil made for a challenging drilling.

These circumstances required total control and extreme precision, but also constant monitoring of annular pressure. For this challenging project, the choice for the proven power of the Drillguide GST in combination with the Radar for Intersects and the GPS Track for additional verification was made with ease.

With the tools and expertise of Brownline, this record drill job was carried out quickly, safely and with extremely accuracy, to the great satisfaction of all parties involved!

Following the success of this crossing, Brownline Canada surveyed twenty more crossings through Toronto and Mississauga.

In 2022, Chris Frisch, Operations Manager for Brownline Canada, wrote an article for Trenchless Technology covering this special project. You can read the article here:

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