Radar drill for a new 50KV power line

Throughout The Netherlands, a wide range of projects are underway in contribution to the transition to renewable energy. Quite often Brownline is part of these projects, such as a recent drill for the renewal of a 50KV underground power line.

Just north of the city of Gorinchem, in the elbow of highways A27 and A15, a new industrial zone is being realized. Not only will the construction of this industrial zone also lead to the construction of new highway exits, it will also contribute to the energy transition with 2 large wind turbines. These 2 turbines will be constructed through a joint venture between one of the country’s largest energy suppliers and a local civil energy cooperation. Working with a civil cooperation leads to larger public support for projects as these. Civilians will be profiting financially from the wind turbines that are being built in their own area, which is a great development. Once the wind turbines have been built, they will provide power for the industrial zone, as well as the city of Gorinchem and the surrounding villages of Arkel, Schelluinen and Hoogblokland.

To make sure that the inhabitants of Gorinchem will be able to benefit from this renewable energy source, the grid operator has started with checking and replacing the existing underground power lines. Brownline has been called to survey a drill for the replacement of a 50KV power line. The 1064 meter long trajectory is set out under a public garden containing a big amount of old trees, between two streets. Before any drilling could start, the trees and their roots had to be protected first. To make sure that this drill job was executed with maximum control and zero impact on the trees, we chose to do the job with the Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool combined with the Radar tool.

With the Drillguide GST and Radar combo, the drill job was executed successfully and without any damage to the old trees. Moving forward to a green future!

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