Pressure-While-Drilling (PWD) protects the old inner city of Bruges

A well-known Belgian brewery commissioned a pipeline to transport their beer. The pipeline would run straight through the old inner city of Bruges to connect its production facilities with the harbor where the beer is packaged and shipped. Brownline has helped to realize this unique project by deploying its Gyro Steering Tool.

Complicating factors

  • Mud pressure monitoring of great importance
  • Drilling took place just 100 Foot under a tunnel network


Several realized directional drills have contributed to the development of a  1,9 Mile pipeline to transport beer from the inner city of Bruges towards the harbor.

Drilling under an inner city containing old and fragile structures means that you need to minimize the chances of a blow-out and other possible damages to under- and above ground structures. Pressure management within the bore hole was therefore very important for this project, besides highly accurate steering.

Our Gyro Steering Tool possesses sensitive sensors that measure the mud pressure in real-time while-drilling. This method, so-called Pressure-While-Drilling (PWD), was instrumental in successfully completing this project.

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