Preparing Møn for a green future with Drillguide GST

The picturesque island of Møn in Denmark depends on a 60 year old submarine cable for its power supply. The local grid operator decided that it is time to replace the cable with a new one that lies under the seabed. Our customer Danboring commissioned Brownline in June 2021 to survey this 1154 meter long drill, which was almost entirely subsea.

The current power distribution system for the island is reaching the end of its lifecycle. Even though it still operates properly, the grid operator wants to start the replacement now. This has to do with avoiding any risks to the power distribution, but also with the energy transition that is happening on a big scale in Denmark. Green energy is being generated at an increasing rate, which means that the capacity of the power grid needs to grow at least at the same pace. The local grid operator has joined forces with the grid operator at the island of Sealand to ensure that these goals will be met in the future. The new submarine cable is one of the connections between the transformer stations at Stubbekøbing on Falster and Fanefjord on Møn. The current drill job is part of a bigger project, which will also include replacing 4 kilometers of overhead power lines with a new underground system. With this step, the island will also give more room to the various types of nature that can be found on it.

Almost the entire trajectory set out for this drill job runs below the seabed and through chalk-filled subsoil. The entry and exit points were both situated on private property, right at the waterside. When keeping all of these factors in mind, as well as the total length of the drill job, it becomes clear that extreme accuracy is of the utmost importance. To complicate matters, the project had a very tight time schedule. By using the Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool, the job was done with extreme precision and well within the set time frame.

Møn and its inhabitants can continue their preparations for a green future with a new and stable power grid!


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