Preparation of a new solar park’s grid connection

In the Dutch province of Groningen, there are various initiatives underway for the construction of solar parks. In preparation for these solar parks, a new high-voltage cable must be installed. In October 2021, Brownline was commissioned by drilling company Klever B.V. to survey a 295-meter long bore.

The construction of solar parks is a common instrument in achieving the targets set in the Dutch National Climate Agreement. Before the construction of such a park can begin, however, the connection to the local high-voltage grid must first be prepared. This is often combined with expanding the grid capacity in one go, so that all generated electricity can be supplied back to the grid without hiccups.

The 295-metre-long bore took place just outside the high-voltage substation southeast of the village of Meeden. The trajectory of this drill job has been plotted at a depth of 16 meters and exactly follows the course of a street with several buildings. The soil consists of different layers of clay, peat and sandy soil and already houses a number of existing pipelines. The combination of the soil conditions and the external interference from the high-voltage substation and the existing pipelines require an unperturbed and accurate tool. By choosing the Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool, this bore was performed safely and with extremely precise results.

The preparations for a sunny and above all green future can continue at full speed!

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