Power grid expansion for the construction of a solar park

The Dutch provinces must achieve various climate objectives within the framework of the National Energy Agreement. In addition to wind farms, solar parks are also being built for this purpose at an increasing rate. To enable the connection to the power grid of an 8-hectare solar park in the northeast of the province of Brabant, Brownline surveyed a drill of 872 meters in april 2021.

A project such as this does not only consist of the construction of the solar park itself, but often also of the construction, expansion or renovation of the power grid. The capacity of the power grid already in place is often not sufficient to be able to process all of the generated electricity. In the case of this solar park, which consists of no less than 20,000 solar panels, a total of 10.5 kilometers of medium voltage cable had to be installed. This will not only be for the benefit of the new solar park, but it will also ensure a sufficient and stable supply of power in the future. The total capacity of the solar park will be 7.7 MW, which is equivalent to power supply for approximately 2,000 households annually. The solar panels are installed in such a way that there is room for sheep grazing in the fields. In addition to the 8 hectares of the solar park, the intention is to set up 1 hectare for activities such as a care farm and an associated fruit picking garden, where fruit picking days and guided tours will be organized. In this way, the solar park will be accessible to local residents and it will also make a social contribution.

This 872 meter long drill was surveyed with the Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool, combined with the GPS track for additional verification. The trajectory of this drill follows a road along which various homes and businesses are located. This means that there are several existing underground pipelines along and close to the trajectory, including a gas pipeline, a water main, but also fiber optic cables. In addition, the entry point is located on private land, so both above ground and underground the work had to be done with great care to prevent any nuisance. The drilling was carried out accurately and within the set time frame, so that the preparations for the construction of the solar park can continue according to schedule.

Brownline is proud to have been able again to contribute to the energy transition!

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