Natural gas pipeline renewal in Kokomo, Indiana

The gas pipeline system in in the northern part of Indiana is being renovated and upgraded where necessary. This 2.5-year project involves the installation of 77 miles of natural gas pipeline. In June 2021, Brownline has surveyed a 1010 ft. drill crossing under Wildcat Creek for this project, commissioned by NPL.

The first part of the project takes place in and around the city of Kokomo, IN. This city, which is the county seat of Howard County, is being cut in half by the Wildcat Creek. Kokomo is located between Chicago and Indianapolis, in the northern part of the state of Indiana. Historically, the city profited from the presence of large natural gas reserves, which led to substantial economical and demographical growth. This growth attracted many businesses, of which the automobile industry was and still is a significant part. Another result of this natural gas boom is the large number of industrial and technical achievements. Kokomo is officially known as “The City of Firsts”. Some of the inventions associated with this city are for example the first pneumatic rubber tire, the first push button car radio, the first aluminum casting and the first canned tomato juice.

The city’s gas pipeline system is being upgraded in two sections. These sections are separated by the Wildcat Creek, which has to be crossed to connect both sections to each other. The 1010-foot long trajectory is set out at a depth of 39.25 feet. Before crossing Wildcat Creek, the drill trajectory crosses a road, and the greater part of the trajectory runs alongside a traffic bridge.

The combination of our Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool with the GPS track for additional verification ensured a smooth and extremely accurate drill, without any interference from the road and bridge. The renovated sections of the gas pipeline system can be connected according to the project planning, ensuring safe and stable delivery of natural gas to the consumers.

This drill job is the first of three that we will be doing for this project. So, to be continued!

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