Multiple drills for one pipeline project around Houston, USA

In 2019, Brownline embarked upon a total of 79 drills in the Houston area for a pipeline project with a combined length of 31,5 kilometer (106,643 feet). This was familiar turf, as Brownline had already performed several drills in 2018 for another pipeline in this very same area.

This project once again proved the added value of Brownline’s Gyro Steering Technology over other systems, because of the large quantity of complicating factors. These varied from Right of Ways crowded with overhead power lines on the surface and a vast network of already present pipelines, as well as many highway and water crossings. In short, these factors would lead to a high level of magnetic interference and make it impossible to lay a grid across much of the area.

Another major contributing factor to the degree of difficulty of this project, were the tight lateral and tight combined radius tolerances. Horizontal turns, sometimes multiple and with vertical turns, combined with the magnetic interference eliminated the use of conventional tools.

Having a real azimuth which could be trusted and experienced surveyors who know how to stay on design within these tolerances and circumstances, made Brownline an essential part of the successful completion of these drills.


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