Landfalls for windmills in Taiwan

Just off the coast of Taiwan, the country's largest offshore wind farm is under construction. This wind farm, located 35-60 kilometers off the coastline of Changhua province, will be built in two phases and should be operational by 2022. For this beautiful project with a Dutch touch, Brownline surveyed three landfall drillings in January and February 2021.

The first phase of this project consists of the construction of no fewer than 111 wind turbines. When both phases are completed, this park will generate 2.4 GW of electricity annually, which is enough to power as many as 2.8 million Taiwanese households. This project is a huge step for Taiwan towards a greener future and will help the government achieve its energy transition goals.

The landfalls we surveyed are for the construction of power distribution lines running from the sea to the power distribution station on shore. The trajectory of each of the three drills of 620, 460 and 410 meters in length is set out at a depth of 22 meters, with the exit points below the surface of the water. With the Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool, all three land falls were carried out with extreme precision and accuracy and this great project could continue on schedule.

Not only the fact that this is our first drill job ever in Taiwan makes this project very special for us. A large number of Dutch companies are involved in this project and it makes us proud that we are part of this great group!

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