Intersect crossing of the North Saskatchewan River, Canada

Brownline Canada has helped to expand the power supply for the inhabitants of the greater Edmonton area with an intersect crossing of the North Saskatchewan River.

The aim of the project was to install distribution lines to carry electricity from substations to local consumers. The total length of the horizontal crossing was 860 meters with the final trajectory planned at 35 meters below the North Saskatchewan’s riverbed. The 36” NPS casing that was installed will accommodate a total of six 2” HDPE conduits and six 8” DR14 conduits to guarantee sufficient capacity for electrical distribution both now as well as for future expansion requirements.

The radius specifications for this drill job were very important for the final conduits being installed within the 36” casing. The 12 conduits were to be installed in a bundle in the 36” casing. The total length of the bundled conduits was not adjustable, which meant that the deviation allowed from the planned trajectory had to be kept to an absolute minimum to avoid issues with the installation.

Three existing overhead electrical distribution lines, as well as a previously installed 20” natural gas pipeline, all located in proximity of the planned trajectory, would have caused a substantial amount of external interference with conventional steering systems. The North Saskatchewan River spanning approximately 200m in width also made the use of conventional steering systems that rely on surface tracking very challenging.

By using the Drillguide GST in combination with the Radar, these factors did not have any influence. A successful hole in one intersect was made!


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