Increasing the power network’s capacity for the Dutch greenhouse industry

The municipality of Medemblik in the province North-Holland, is beautifully situated on the edge of the Ijsselmeer. Many greenhouse horticulture companies are located in this picturesque area. The demand from the electricity network by these companies will only increase in the future, making it necessary to expand the capacity now. In March 2021, Brownline surveyed a drill for this purpose.

An important part of the Dutch economy is located in the middle of reclaimed lands and waters; the greenhouse industry. In this part of The Netherlands, there are two large horticultural clusters, the greenports Noord-Holland Noord and Aalsmeer. In these greenports all kinds of companies come together that are part of (greenhouse) horticulture. This economically important link will continue to grow considerably in the coming years, which will also increase the demand for electricity. Other important developments in the same area are accelerated housing construction and the growing number of data centers. To ensure that this combined increasing demand does not lead to electricity supply problems, action must be taken now. The local grid operator has identified a number of bottlenecks in their distribution network, where the electricity grid must be expanded in the short term.

One of these bottlenecks is located in the municipality of Medemblik, where a new medium voltage cable is being constructed as a solution. Brownline used the Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool for this 236-meter long drill. The trajectory for this job runs straight through the center of a village, so the choice for the Drillguide GST was quickly made. The inconvenience for the village inhabitants was kept to an absolute minimum and the project was completed on time. With this drill job, the local users have been given more room for growth!


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