Heat pipelines for Grolsch under the motorway

In June 2022, Brownline was involved in two parallel drillings in Enschede. A heat pipeline was to be connected to the Grolsch brewery situated right next to motorway A35. The connection passed under this motorway, which is why Brownline’s high-tech Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool and GPS track add-on were needed to survey the pilot bores.

The aim of these bores was to install a heat pipeline to the Grolsch brewery. This pipeline is owned by waste disposal company Twence. It is used to supply Grolsch with sustainable heat produced from non-reusable waste wood. Grolsch will use this to heat the buildings as well as the water used to rinse the beer bottles. A nice sustainable step in the energy transition.

To install this pipeline, contractor A.Hak drilled under motorway A35. There were also gas and water pipelines present that the bore needed to cross under. Brownline was brought in to guarantee the accuracy of the pilot bore. Brownline’s Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool will not suffer from interference, not even under motorways and steel pipelines.

The two bores were around 500 m / 1600 ft long and launched from the brewery grounds. The bores curved a total of 44° horizontally and, after crossing the motorway, exited next to a business park. The accuracy of the exit was guaranteed by deploying Brownline’s GPS track add-on. This unit allowed for an extra verification of the drill head’s position.

With this project, Brownline has contributed to the development of a sustainable energy supply in Twente. In a few months, the pipeline will be tested and in December 2022, it will come into operation. More than two-thirds of Grolsch’s heat demand will then be supplied by sustainable heat from Twence.

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