Gdansk Seaport, Central Port project

Over the last few years, the Polish city of Gdansk has made significant investments for the expansion of its seaport. Brownline has contributed to this expansion by drilling for the construction of new communication cables that run under the port’s navigation channel.

Situated in a favorable location at the Baltic Sea, the port of Gdansk is the fastest growing seaport of Northwestern Europe. Over the last ten years, it has become one of the most important transit ports on the Far-East routes of major shipping companies. In order to manage and increase this growth the Polish government has set up the Central Port program, which consists of major investments. New infrastructure to be constructed will include container terminals, an offshore terminal, a cruise terminal and a shipyard.

The prepare for the expansion started some time ago; the port’s quays have been reinforced and the navigation channel was deepened to accommodate bigger ships. Another part of the preparation was the construction of new communication cables to ensure that all 19 kilometers of newly constructed transit quays can be properly served. 

For this purpose, a 225 mm HDPE pipeline had to be constructed. Due to the interference of metal elements embedded in the bottom as well as shoreline strengthening, the choice for the Drillguide GST was quickly made. In addition, the inability to navigate the fairway prevented the use of conventional systems. All of these obstacles were managed effortlessly and the drill was performed with extreme precision.

With this drill job, Brownline was able to make a contribution to the highly ambitious expansion plans of Gdansk Sea Port.

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