Gas pipeline with large curvature in Luxembourg

In september 2022, Brownline surveyed a drilling in Luxembourg for the installation of a gas pipeline. This pipeline was installed under a motorway and made a substantial left curve of 67 degrees!

In the Kirchberg district, a new light rail connection is in the works. This connection will improve access to Luxembourg Findel Airport. Along the new light rail track, a gas pipeline is installed. Contractor Verbraeken Infra carried out the HDD to install this pipeline. This drilling utilized Brownline’s Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool, to monitor that the planned curve was followed with the highest accuracy.

The gas pipeline was installed under the intersection of motorways E29 and E44. Because the GST is not affected by the surrounding infrastructure (including many overhead power cables), the motorway was crossed effortlessly. After more than 600 m / 2000 ft, the drill punched out in a forested area next to the motorway.

The accuracy of the punch-out was guaranteed by deploying Brownline’s GPS track add-on. This tool is used to confirm the position of the drill head with pinpoint accuracy, as an additional verification on the last section of the drill path. This allowed the planned exit point to be reached within centimeters.

After a successful pilot drilling, Verbraeken Infra was able to continue with the rest of their operations. Pullback of the gas pipeline has been completed successfully.

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